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Hex Plates 4D Laser Cut

Hex Plates 4D Laser Cut

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Black 4D Atop a Custom Lamborghini Shaped Plate (Total Thickness: 6mm)

All plates are crafted in compliance with legal formats.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. Are Color Number Plates Legal? No, unfortunately, color number plates are not road legal anymore. They were legal before 1st September 2021.

  2. When Will I Receive My 4D Show Number Plates? Guaranteed to arrive within 3-5 working days, depending on the 1st class or Standard Delivery option selected. Swift delivery options are available.

    For communication regarding your 4D or 3D Number Plates, contact us directly in-store or use the live WhatsApp chat on this site.

    Opt for same-day collection or fitting in-store for faster service.

  3. Are Carbon Number Plates Legal? No, Carbon Number Plates are not legal for road use. The DVLA has specific regulations, and 3D gel carbon plates do not meet these requirements.

  4. Are Tinted Number Plates Legal? No, tinted number plates are not road legal.

  5. What Number Plate Styles Aren't Legal?

    • 'Neon' lettering
    • 'Carbon' style
    • '3D printed' letters
    • 'Frosted' letters
    • All 'glittery' letters
  6. Are 4D Number Plates Road Legal? YES – Our 4D Laser Cut Number Plates are 100% road legal, meeting all British Standards requirements. Choose legal colors and spacing for full compliance.

  7. Will I Pass My MOT with Color Number Plates? No, you will not pass your MOT with color number plates.

  8. Will I Pass My MOT with 4D Number Plates? Short Answer – YES! Ensure legal spacing, finish, and characters in customization.

    Our Team will notify you if a non-road legal step is taken.

  9. What Happens If Caught Without a Front Number Plate? You could face fines up to £1,000, and your car might fail its MOT. Displaying a front number plate is a legal requirement.

    A new proposal suggests three penalty points on your license and a £100 fine for driving without a number plate.

  10. Can I Drive in the UK Without a Number Plate? No, driving without number plates is against the law. Vehicles must have number plates in front and back, following specific color and material regulations in the UK. White is accepted for the front, and the rear must be yellow, both with black characters. These regulations contribute to road safety, especially at night.

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